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Shandong Tianhai New Material Engineering Co., Ltd. has been established for 20 years, focusing on the production, research and development, application and sales of new engineering materials. The company covers an area of ​​more than 70,000 square meters, with fixed assets of 120 million yuan, more than 380 employees, and 25 advanced production lines. It is China Geosynthetics Engineering Association, China Building Waterproof Association, China Plastics Processing Industry Association, China Environmental Protection. Member units of national key associations such as industry associations and China Welding Association. It mainly produces three major categories, twelve series and more than one hundred kinds of products: geosynthetics, matrix TM filter drainage system, and polymer waterproof membrane. Products are widely used in four major areas of ecological and environmental protection, water conservancy agriculture, traffic engineering, building waterproofing. Over the years, our company has won the titles of “China Famous Brand”, “Shandong Province Invisible Champion”, “Shandong Famous Brand” and “Shandong Famous Trademark”, and obtained CRCC Railway Certification, CQC Environmental Certification, CE EU Certification, Quality Management System, Environmental management system, occupational health and safety management system, 3A credit rating certificate and other qualifications, and has the right to import and export.


Geosynthetics: Currently, there are seven series of products, among which “HDPE Geomembrane” is our representative product. It is widely used in domestic waste landfills, tailings dams, geotextiles, composite geomembranes and bentonite waterproof blankets. Anti-seepage of reservoirs, river courses and other projects.


Matrix TM is a high-end filter drainage brand created by our company. Its main product "MDS high tensile filter plate" is independently developed by our company, which reflects the strong technical research and development strength of our company. It is a true "permanent filter, Products that are smooth, waterproof, and other functions. Its main feature is “integration”. It has changed the problem that the drainage board and the geotextile separate structure on the market are difficult to lay and the soil is easy to collapse, which ensures the smooth passage of the drainage channel. In the past, the product only focused on the concept of “row”, emphasizing the importance of ensuring “filtering” first. Because only the filter is good, it can be arranged well. Moreover, based on the many details of product application, our company has researched and perfected a filter drainage system that truly solves the problem of planting roofing, underground building side wall and floor drainage. Through the concept of “unblocking and helping”, the waterproofing measures of “blocking” water in the traditional building relying solely on the waterproof layer have been changed, and the leakage of the building has been cut off, which is more in line with the trend of modern building development.


The polymer waterproofing membrane series is a product system that our company has developed its own advantages in the research and production of polymer materials for many years, combined with the characteristics of the waterproof industry. It mainly produces two kinds of products of homogenized polymer waterproof membrane and composite polymer waterproof membrane. Among them, “NCL polymer self-adhesive film waterproofing membrane” is our new product. Compared with the previous asphalt self-adhesive layer, non-asphalt self-adhesive is more resistant to low temperature and aging, and has more reliable waterproof effect. It is widely used in the waterproof construction of key projects such as building basement, tunnel, high-speed rail and underground pipe gallery together with our EVA, ECB, TPO, PVC, polymer rubber asphalt self-adhesive waterproofing membrane.


Shandong Tianhai New Material Engineering Co., Ltd. constantly innovates products and technologies, and contributes to the society without leaking the project, making the earth's ecological environment lasting and safe!